Entrepreneurial Events in Munich

We love to go to a special kind of entrepreneurship events: The ones that offer inspiring talks and “war stories” from successful entrepreneurs. Events that offer learning and sharing of innovative or evergreen tools, tips & tricks or technology on how to build a successful company. And events where we can meet interesting people from the Munich entrepreneurship community.

We hate to miss one of those great events just because we overlooked one of the many newsletters or forgot to manually transfer it to our calendar.

If you are someone who feels at home with that situation, boy do we have a neat solution for you: Just subscribe to this amazing curated calendar for free and get all top entrepreneurship events displayed within your own calendar with just two clicks.

This is how the calendar will look like on your iPhone/iPad (wipe right or left to see all screenshots, pinch to zoom in for details):

Sign up now to subscribe to the free and amazing munichvalley entrepreneurship event calendar:

Here is why you will love this calendar:

  • Updates like magic: The munichvalley entrepreneurship event calendar is a so called internet calendar (or ical calendar). It will be displayed in your normal calendar in a different color and will be updated automatically
  • Curated calendar: Only the top entrepreneurship events we actually go to or would go to ourselves are displayed. So you do not need to worry about clutter or spam in your calendar
  • Information at a glance: All events include notes with name of event, time, location, speakers, description, and link to event website.
  • Show and hide: The calendar won’t be integrated within your personal calendar, of course. It is only a subscription that will be displayed as a new calendar in your calendar application. So if you just want to have a look at the calendar from time to time you can show or hide the calendar within your standard calendar with just one click (or unsubscribe and re-subscribe at any time of course)
  • Your device loves it: Works with Mac, iPhone, iPad, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office, and others
  • Super simple subscription with just two clicks (just follow the instructions after sign up)
  • 100% free

Never accidentally miss an interesting entrepreneurship event in Munch again. Never miss a great entrepreneurial inspiration or opportunity to meet the right people again. Sign up now to our fantastic munichvalley entrepreneurial events calendar!


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